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Liver Transplant in India | GoMedii

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Liver transplant is the replacement of the diseased liver with a healthy one from a living donor. Due to improvements in technology, a lot of patients are undergoing this procedure now. The procedure is done in a few countries like America and UK. However, it is not yet done in most countries like India.


The patient is put on a waiting list to be treated with the procedure. As soon as the recipient’s condition improves to an acceptable point, they are removed from the list and taken for the transplant.


This is a major surgery and requires intensive care and treatment afterwards. It is not possible to perform the transplant on patients who have received a liver donation from a dead donor.


This article provides a comprehensive overview of the topic. You can find everything about the procedure, donor options, waiting time, donor evaluation, donor selection and donor rights. You will also learn more about this complicated surgery and find out the best hospitals and transplant centers for this treatment in India.


Where do you find Living Donor Liver Transplant?


Liver transplantation is now a common procedure in the developed countries like America, United Kingdom, and Australia. Many transplant centers are opening for this procedure in India, for patients who have limited options to get a liver transplant due to the limited donor pool. The biggest issue that faces the recipients of the transplants is waiting.


The liver transplant list gets updated once every year in India. Patients can be taken off the list only if their condition improves and can undergo the procedure in a year or more.


Liver Transplant in India


The biggest problem in India is the low rate of donor liver procurement. A liver needs to be evaluated by a panel of surgeons and specialists to find out if it is suitable for donation. There are a lot of people who have this evaluation done, but this process fails to meet the demand.


Many experts recommend that at least one liver should be preserved from a brain-dead donor for the benefit of the needy patients in the country.


According to the World Health Organization, India has 1.28 million people living with Hepatitis B and another 0.55 million people who have Hepatitis C. At present, about 50% of the liver transplant cases are for these patients.


Liver Transplant for Patients with Hepatitis B


Hepatitis B, known as the common type of hepatitis, is an infection that attacks the liver. It is mainly caused by a virus called Hepatitis B virus. This infection is not harmful when it is in its early stages.


Hepatitis C is an infection that affects the liver and the kidneys. It is mainly caused by a virus called Hepatitis C virus. This infection is usually fatal if left untreated.

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